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In as much as we sympathise with anyone who has lost money in this way, Shell Group companies cannot accept any responsibility.Georgia, Florida, and the District of Columbia are currently considered high-risk locations for tax return fraud, in part because high numbers of seniors live in Florida and are targeted.Avoid phone scams including cybercriminal tech support scams that call your telephone and request personal information.US-CERT Recognizing and Avoiding Email Scams A 419 advance fee fraud begins with an email that looks like this: Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2008 5:55 PM -0700.

Taxpayers should resist any temptation to participate in any variations of this scheme.Attempts to defraud lawyers through phony legal transactions are a real and growing problem being addressed by law societies across Canada.We are reporting that a number of agents and investigators have been reviewing the company that promotes an opportunity called.But as in any other business, there are also some who prey on unsuspecting taxpayers.I have noticed recently an increase in the amount of scams coming to the attention of the police.Avoid and report Google scams. Phishing is a type of online fraud where someone tries to trick the victim into revealing sensitive details such as a username,.

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Filers within these locations may obtain a PIN number to be used when filing electronically.

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Phishing is a scam typically carried out with the help of unsolicited email or a fake website that poses as a legitimate site to lure in potential victims and prompt them to provide valuable personal and financial information.Often these donations are highly overvalued or the organization receiving the donation promises that the donor can repurchase the items later at a price set by the donor.The next time you visit someone elderly or vulnerable, ask yourself: could they be a victim of fraud or scams.These brochures and publications may be linked, downloaded, or printed.Learn about protecting an elderly or aging parents from scams, fraud, identity theft and financial abuse.

If you think you are a victim of a fraud or scam, contact your state, local, or federal consumer protection agency.The IRS has a list of frivolous tax arguments that taxpayers should avoid.Beware of scams implying association with the United Nations.The people initiating these propositions claim the sums involved are for instance entitlements in respect of deceased relations, or monies accruing from excess crude oil sales, or have been forgotten in some dormant account.

Sadly, while reports of scams and fraudulent activity were initially included with news items of interest on the site, it.These schemes are also often spread by word of mouth as unsuspecting and well-intentioned people tell their friends and relatives.

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For more information if you are a victim of tax return or tax refund fraud click.

Claiming income you did not earn or expenses you did not pay in order to secure larger refundable credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit could have serious repercussions.While there are legitimate uses of trusts in tax and estate planning, some highly questionable transactions promise reduction of income subject to tax, deductions for personal expenses and reduced estate or gift taxes.Federal courts have issued hundreds of injunctions ordering individuals to cease preparing returns, and the Department of Justice has pending complaints against many others.Scammers also prey on online shoppers through fake or fraudulent websites.

Email alerts, app and social media Keep up to date with developments at Shell via email alerts, Twitter and our Investor and Media app.The City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) gives us the low down on Shopping and Auction site frauds and Phishing and Malware scams.

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Internet fraud is the use of Internet services or software with Internet access to defraud victims or to otherwise take advantage of them.Farmers and other taxpayers who use fuel for off-highway business purposes may be eligible for the fuel tax credit.In 2012, every paid preparer needs to have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and enter it on the returns he or she prepares.IRS personnel have seen an increase in the improper use of private annuity trusts and foreign trusts to shift income and deduct personal expenses.We have observed misleading communications on various portals as well as fraudulent emails related to SBM hiring processes.Voorschotfraude, ook wel gekend als Nigeriaanse oplichting is een vorm van oplichting.Beware of scams. awards, funds, certificates, compensation for Internet fraud,.

If you suspect someone is committing tax evasion or fraud, report it to the Tax Department online, over the phone, by fax, or by mail.Please note that Shell Group companies (nor any of the organisations that recruit on our behalf) never ask for any money or payments from applicants, at any point in the recruitment process.