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These are future scenarios of the healthy reality in order to stay competitive in the changed new situation of global labor market. (The old good days of receiving free welfare and medicare etc. and having idle times of committing crimes are gradually becoming history.).Reserves, 2010: 681 million barrels of oil (148 million in the U.S.), 479 million barrels of natural gas liquids (449 million in the U.S.), 10.3 trillion cubic feet of gas (9 trillion in the U.S.).So let me stand on my industry soapbox for a few short moments.

Reserves, 2010: 8.9 billion barrels of oil (2.3 billion in the U.S.), 2.1 billion barrels of bitumen (none in the U.S.), 681 million barrels of synthetic crude (none in the U.S.), 78.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas (26.1 trillion in the U.S.).I dont know why it would take 13 years to build the first plant though with many plants to follow a few years after.View this post for more information about Top 10 Petroleum Companies of India, top 10 Oil and Gas Companies in India, Top 10 Petroleum Giants in India, 10.Our list shows how integrated behemoths have expanded into this area as production has become proven, sometimes by swallowing up independents that led the way.I am so sick and tired of watching these energy production companies wrap themselves in the American Flag and tell us everything they are doing is so America can be energy independent.American Gas Marketers Ranking, the top five companies in the.

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I also find it hard to belive that a stock holder is welling to except non returns on the moneys they spent to purchase said stock in companies, any companies for that matter.Gas companies are mainly involved in the extraction and distribution of natural gas.New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has requested similar information from several companies.

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The 10 biggest drillers account for one-third of all production, data from the Natural Gas Supply Association and the EIA show.

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List of natural gas pipelines This is a list of pipelines used to transport.

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Kindly advise as to which US oil companies are operating in Africa.

I also really like the sun: ) I appreciate the comments and debates as much as the articles, gives me hope Democracy may have a chance.In this new eBook, we reveal the eleven biggest companies in the oil and gas industry in the world today based on production.

Natural gas has a multitude of industrial uses, including providing the base ingredients for such varied products as plastic, fertilizer,.I love your idea Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should become an institutional mandate for all MBA programs, and a required thesis topic.

I tasted the results of years of oil production in Russell Co., KS. Back in 1956 on my trip from Portland, OR on east, the water people got from wells tasted the best anywhere.As of last year, the company owned an interest in 45,800 wells, of which 38,900 were primarily gas wells.

It is exploring for shale gas in Poland and has operations in six continents.Keith Schaefer reviews the LNG shipping. if not THE biggest — bull markets in.

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With oil prices high and gas prices low, many companies are seeking more wells that are oil- and liquids-rich, particularly in North Dakota, southern Texas and Pennsylvania.Average Daily Natural Gas Production: 1.6 billion cubic feet.List of the top natural gas distribution companies in the world, listed by their prominence with corporate logos when available.

And—old mistakes and problems do not necessarily reflect the present.Local distribution companies sold the natural gas purchased from the pipelines to retail.Not installing the proper steel casing and cement through the fresh water zones is dangerous.

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Unfortunately, by demonizing the energy companies (rather than taking them to task for their actual behavior) is only going to raise prices and make it ironically more difficult to get out from under their thumbs.Must be ego-blind guys with money greedy mentalities like Kings of oil-rich Arabian lands and nations which may also have dealings with terrorism, war weapon manufaturing etc. as family side businesses.

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The testimonies of more and more people here are coming out and it seems that the frackers are either not telling the truth or they know they are the cause of the damage but are trying to silence people by buying them off.Sources: The production numbers are from the Natural Gas Supply Association and reflect the average for the first half of 2011.Until a solution that is cheap comes along the use of natural gas is a better solution than doing nothing.Walter, I think you are probably trying to distract from the issue of having safe energy for our nation.

That deal sailed through regulatory approvals and Cnooc must have figured that this approach was much better than an outright takeover because the company has once again completed a deal with Chesapeake that will give Cnooc a one-third interest in a shale gas play called the Niobrara, located where the states of Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas meet.

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