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It is traded on many exchanges, the primary being the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the New York Mercantile Exchange, the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) in India, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig, Germany.Energy commodities may be split into a number of types: oil, gas, coal, ethanol and offers forex and CFD trading with award winning trading platforms, tight spreads and quality executions, powerful trading tools and 24 hour live support.I was recently offered a summer internship at an oil major at a certain location, my home town, in their natural gas trading program and accepted it. I am.

Contracts are measured in British Thermal Units (mmBTU), with the standard contract size being 10000 mmBTU.Another US oil variant, Gulf Coast Gasoline, is also traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange.Energy trading is much faster and done in more volatile markets than other forms of trading.Energy, in all its forms and derivatives, can be traded across many different markets.And it is imperative to the future growth, prosperity, social stability, and security of nations around the world.

Trade energy will therefore include crude oil and natural gas.

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This two-day introductory course examines all of the instruments, tools and techniques available to the energy trader today.Noble Group (SGX: N21) manages a portfolio of global supply chains across a range of industrial and energy products.

Provides insights into the industrial decision making process by looking at how capital and operating energy costs are traded to minimize the total cost to.

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Mercatus Energy Advisors is a leading, independent energy advisory and research firm serving energy consumers, marketers, producers, refiners and traders.Energy is such a pervasive resource that it affects every single human endeavor.Although the field of energy trading was dealt a blow in the wake of the Enron scandal of 2002, the job market is still alive and looking for new recruits.

Efficient wind plant operations, energy integration, and power trading require quick decisions with substantial exposure to risk.Energy and Capital editor Chris Nelder surveys the recent rally in oil and the commodity complex and gets bullish on energy stocks for 2009.Taught by acclaimed energy industry expert, this course is filled with tips, techniques and insight that only years of successful energy trading experience can bring.


A commodity market is a market that trades in primary economic sector rather than manufactured products.

Despite recent predictions of the long-term decline coal as a primary source of power, increased industrialisation in the devloping world and likely shortages of oil mean it is likely to become even more important in the short term.


Energy trading, whether it be oil, gas or power derivatives or physical products, is central to the function of energy markets globally.Our trading professionals use the latest market intelligence.The OPEC Reference Basket, commonly known as the OPEC Basket, is a benchmark consisting of a weighted combination of the prices of oil from member countries of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.Many of my readers are taking advantage of the situation by picking up those oil and gas gems right now.

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We have divided the energy commodity markets into two categories:.And the fact is many quality companies out there have had their shares unfairly beaten down.

As was demonstrated in the recent crisis where Russia restricted supplies to Europe as a means of putting pressure on The Ukraine, gas is an extremely important commodity.

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Every day we use our expertise and logistical networks to distribute energy around the world, efficiently and responsibly.It is difficult to grasp the concept of trading something that comes out of a wall outlet.who is buying what from who.The hare and the tortoise Algorithmic trading has made slow progress in energy markets.Trading energy fuTureS: Reflections on this Centennial Moment in the Global Energy Economy 2 The opportunity for energy-intensive activities, such.Aside from food-based commodities, energy commodities are probably the commodities whose trading has the greatest effect on traders and non-traders alike.

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A few years and several trades later, I bought back into that small energy company after evaluating their potential.This is a refined fuel used for heating in heaters, boilers, furnaces and the like.It is in fact a derivative of oil, and is used as fuel for vehicles and some generators.This website is intended as a source of information only, not financial advice.Commodity trading in the exchanges can require agreed-upon standards so that.

Fluctuations in the prices of any given energy commodity can have a substantial effect on the prices the consumer pays for heating, electricity and for transport.These various varieties of oil are generally traded in contracts of 1000 bbl (barrels).

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