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Analysts are expecting a big slowdown in growth of both earnings and revenues for the Energy Industry, despite rising oil prices.Big Oil is swimming in an endless river of profits and continues to invest millions of dollars to lobby Congress against eliminating their special tax breaks.Royal Dutch Shell Plc has today announced its disappointing fourth-quarter figures.

Refining Counterweight For both companies, the refining boon more than made up for gloomy returns from oil and natural gas production as tumbling crude prices and faltering output dented profits from those businesses.To put in perspective just how much the picture has changed for Big Oil, Exxon used to be the biggest company in the.Three years into the U.S. oil boom, the record profits appear to be leveling off.Playing Politics with Gasoline Prices. so individual company decisions have a. in taxes on a gallon of gasoline than oil companies earn in profits.Find out about three of the major oil companies that have continued to record profits despite low oil prices, which have created challenges in the industry.

The following Energy Information Agency graphs shows the breakdown of the average price for a gallon of gasoline paid at the pump in March 2011.Counterpoint: Exxon Mobil is the largest oil company in the world and when the elephant in the jungle trumpets, the market listens.The profits of any particular oil company could be higher or lower.Refining Spinoffs ConocoPhillips followed suit 10 months later, spinning off its refineries to create a company now known as Phillips 66.

Refining profit margins. for his company, partly because its oil.The industry further argues that ending tax breaks would cut investment in new oil and natural gas projects, cost new jobs and decrease oil and natural gas production.

Opinion: These U.S. shale-oil companies are poised to profit when prices rise.Counterpoint: Adding all the oil company profits together including their upstream, downstream and chemical divisions and then dividing that amount by the total gallons of fuel sold is somewhat misleading.Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil emulated BP today by revealing record quarterly profits.Surely they are both stalwart organizations making the capitalistic system work for their shareholders, expecting to receive a fair return on monies invested in those companies.

The Surprising Truth About Oil and Gas Tax Breaks They might claim otherwise, but oil and gas companies get a really sweet deal from taxpayers.

Petroleum Profits Tax Act, 1959 (Act 15 of 1959) - PLAC

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Major oil companies like ExxonMobil and Shell are reporting a surge in profits as crude oil prices rise and energy demand grows.

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Each one of those is separate profit centers and not the only products sold by the oil company.Oil and gas are industries where a huge portion of the economic output created comes not from the labors of individual oilmen or even the machines they are.Using charts, they discussed rising heating oil and gasoline costs to consumers.It is another subsidy, devised by the U.S. State Department in the 1950s, which allows U.S. based oil companies to reclassify the royalties they are charged by foreign governments as taxes.Payless Is Said to Be Filing for Bankruptcy as Soon as Next Week.

Sales of gasoline and the family of fuels that includes diesel and kerosene increased, although demand for fuels used in airplanes and cargo ships declined during the quarter, Exxon said.HOUSTON Fatter-than-expected refining margins and higher crude and natural gas prices will lift quarterly results at big oil companies such as Exxon Mobil.Bloomberg Live Conferences Bloomberg Media Distribution Advertising.